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    Monday, December 19, 2005

    Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson
    Three girls, at least one missing from her own life; a peach orchard; community service instead of juvenile detention; boys, boys, boys; family problems; hope and revenge.... Darlington Peach Orchard is in trouble -- but so are Murphy and Leeda (though Leeda doesn't really know it yet). When they both get sent to the orchard for the summer with Birdie, no one expects them to learn the secrets of friendship, hope, life, perfect peaches, and perfect guys. And yet, somewhere between secret midnight swims in the lake, secret crushes, and secret gardens, they discover themselves and the strength of their friendship.
    This was a great girl read -- especially for fans of the Sisterhood books. A few flaws in the writing and a simplistic salvation in the end cause minor wrinkles in this otherwise enjoyable book.
    Y FICTION Anderson

    So, I did go see King Kong, and I'll admit that I did love it. There are a few obvious flaws and some scenes that run long, but I loved it (even being a fan of the 1933 version). Visually stunning, action-packed, and even touching....

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