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    Thursday, December 15, 2005

    Boy Kills Man by Matt Whyman
    Life is just life for Sonny and Alberto, best friends living in a barrio in Colombia. Drug dealers make the money and control the law and have no fear. When Alberto becomes a hit man, their lives change. Alberto makes money and buys gifts but is never around; then he disappears. Sonny (aka Shorty) decides to move on in and make his way as a hit man, too. But if you're a low man on the totem pole, things don't always go as smooth as you might like.
    This was a quick read but full of imagery and somewhat terrifying -- children with guns, hired to kill and be killed. I needed to read it.
    Y FICTION Whyman

    Lately there's been a lot of news about Wikipedia -- that very popular online encyclopedia. This is just a reminder -- while there is lots of super information on Wikipedia, it's also an open content source -- anyone can submit any information, true or not -- so when you use it, it's generally a good idea to verify what you find. Truthfully, I often find Wikipedia to be useful, especially as a starting-off point to learning more; but I usually research my topics on a variety of websites by credible sources to make sure I'm getting accurate information.

    You'll notice that the library was closed for most of yesterday. We did open finally, but the damage is immense. We've had to close off part of the Children's Room and part of the adult fiction area because of the water damage. What craziness....

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