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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Another Monday, another few splashes of rain, another gust of wind coming through. Crazy weather, isn't it?
    Looks like you can still vote for Teens Top Ten, if you get there fast -- they haven't taken down the polls yet.... I still have the books on display, if you want to read some. I'm looking forward to seeing if any of my faves hit the TTT list.
    Yesterday afternoon, sitting comfortably with my cat, reading Warchild by Lowachee, and suddenly I hear sirens and see flashing lights, and lo -- I look out the window to see three firetrucks, a police car, a fire SUV, and an ambulance pulling up to my house. So I quickly extinguish all candles (I had only 1 burning) and check the oven and stove for flames, but see none. I immediately head downstairs, as the firemen are approaching the house. They enter the door to my downstairs neighbour, leaving me a bit worried not only about her well-being, but also about any possible flames that may rise through my kitchen. Shortly, however, I catch sight of her and she assures me that all is well -- she merely burned a steak to flames in the oven. Whew. I watch the firemen for a while longer and return to my book. In regard to what made my Sunday afternoon exciting, here is a list of YA fiction that has the word "fire" somewhere in the description. And if you just want something about fire or firetrucks or somesuch, try this list of subjects.

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