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    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Warchild by Karin Lowachee
    A science ficiton space adventure in the vein of Card's Ender's Game, Warchild tells the story of Jos, whose ship and family were destroyed by a notorious space pirate when he was eight. It is a time of war; humans vs aliens; pirates vs all. Enslaved by the pirate to be trained and groomed into his service, he makes a desperate attempt at escape and winds up in the hands of alien sympathizers, where he is again trained and groomed but given a relatively peaceful life on a planet. Later, however, he is sent aboard a ship of humans as a spy. To stay alive, Jos must be a weapon, a spy, and convincing crewmember, but he must also keep his head and find the truth among the lies.
    Another book I got into my hands and really didn't want to put down..., though I was a bit disappointed at some of Jos's reactions. Some of the vocab makes the eyes stumble over strange words, but anyone who's into sci-fi shouldn't have a problem with it. Look for the pseudo-sequel: Burndive. I'm excited to read it soon (after the others I have piling up by my bed, of course)!
    YPB L

    MTV.com had a great article about a set visit to the second in the Pirates of the Caribbean series: Dead Man's Chest.

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