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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    I read three graphic novels over the long weekend. I'll give them to you bit by bit....
    Wonderland: children of the future age by Derek Watson
    This first of who-knows-how-many, this story takes place after massive biological and chemical warfare that wipes out much of the population on the planet. Three teenagers struggle to stay alive -- they must fight against the slinks, who are out to capture and eat them and use them in scientific experiments; they must find their own food and fuel.... But it's the flesh-deforming plague that truly threatens to destroy them.
    I loved this short introductory book -- it's a promising start and I can't wait for more!
    Y GRAPHIC NOV Watson

    Earthboy Jacobus by Doug TenNapel
    When Chief runs into a land whale on his way home one night, he discovers inside the whale's mouth a young boy, whom he takes home. He soon discovers that the boy is from a parallel universe and is being hunted by ectoids who want to destroy him. So goes the tale of the life of Jacobus -- living with Chief as his son, losing Chief to the ectoids, losing his holographic mother, and trying to survive in a world where he is alone and hunted.
    Another fabulous and touching story by TenNapel -- I love his perspectives on science and faith and family mingled with adventure and hope. Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame) says it's like a combo of Will Eisner and Calvin & Hobbs. This is great stuff that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!
    Y GRAPHIC NOV TenNapel

    Well, after the long weekend, school is truly back in session. I hope the weekend gave you time to gear up. And during your studies, don't forget the library and all the things it has to offer -- like these databases, for example!
    Keep checking back here during the school year -- I'll post tips and tricks to finding info at the library and great resources to help you with your homework.

    We received the rest of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books in paperback today -- come get 'em. Also a new book by Victoria Hanley and Girls Dinner Club....

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