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    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Just had a great meeting at the high school with the Biblionix group. There were about 14 of us in attendance (at various times), chatting about what we read over the summer, what we liked and what we didn't.... Harry Potter, of course, came up, and the Pulitzer Prize winner Gilead by Robinson; Anansi Boys by Gaiman, a variety of manga titles, Jane Eyre by Bronte, and Witch Hunt (about the Salem witch trials), as well as a variety of others. We had a few new arrivals to the group, who were quite appreciated, and many familiar faces -- likewise appreciated. Our next meeting will be Thurs Oct 27, 2.15pm after school in the high school library -- come talk to us about the books you like to read (or don't like!)! It's a great group.

    The movie Serenity comes out this week -- for any of you who know the short-lived TV series Firefly, this is based on it. They both have the same cast, similar storyline, and are directed/written by Joss Whedon, infamous creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm hoping that this is not only fabulously done, but that it sparks a renewed interest in space science fiction -- do you think I'm hoping for too much? Mostly because there are some great and exceptionally readable ssf out there that people just don't read enough of. In particular I'm thinking about Ender's Game and the Vatta's War series by Elizabeth Moon. I know there are others -- I've even put together a booklist: On a Space Odyssey with great space sci-fi....

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