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    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    I did a lot of reading this weekend -- and read a lot of really good books!
    Heart's Delight by Per Nilsson
    Translated from the Swedish, this is a love story from the male perspective. The first time the boy saw Ann-Katrin on the bus, he was entranced, absolutely infatuated. But now the boy sits in his room, destroying all artifacts of their relationship -- the bus pass, the lemon balm, the record -- everything, wanting the phone to ring but not. His pain and anger are potent and his memories drive the story of their relationship and its betrayal. It's a good read, interestingly told in current and memory.
    Y FICTION Nilsson

    Stardust by Neil Gaiman
    The more I read Neil Gaiman, the more I like him -- he is quickly becoming one of my favourite writers. Stardust tells the story of boy from a sleepy english countryside village guarded by a stone wall, meant to keep the magic folk out and the people folk in. But the boy Tristran Thorn is in love -- and makes a rash promise to bring back a fallen star to the girl he loves. To do so, Tristran has to go beyond the wall -- and has such an adventure that no one but his father could believe it -- he finds the star, matches wits with witches, journeys with a unicorn.... Another of Gaiman's beautiful and rich fantasies.
    Y PB G

    So, our next movie is coming next week! Which one is it?
    Thursday 28 July, 1:30 pm
    Need a little comedy to liven up your action adventure? Join Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy as they *kind of* work together to help the US Government recover a missing jet.

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