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    Thursday, September 11, 2003

    Just the other night I was chatting with my brother who happens to be a junior in high school (in Ohio), and he mentioned a new assignment that his lit teacher gave their class: to read three books by an American author and critique them by the end of the school year. Doesn't sound so bad, except that my brother isn't really the reading type. So he asked me to help him find some authors that he might enjoy that will fulfill the requirement. These are some of the names I came up with:
    MT Anderson - Feed (a futuristic tale)
    Joseph Bruchac - Native Americans
    Robert Cormier
    Orson Scott Card - one of the "best" is Enders Game
    Norma Howe - Adventures of Blue Avenger
    Chris Lynch
    Walter Dean Myers - African American; Monster is amazing
    Tamora Pierce - great series fantasy fiction; she usually writes quartets
    Rob Thomas - high school based stories
    William Sleator - odd sci-fi
    Edward Bloor - Tangerine

    Of course, there's Gary Paulsen, as well, whose book The Glass Cafe is a humourous short little book also titled Or, the Stripper and the State: How My Mother Started a War with the System that Made Us Kind of Rich and a Little Bit Famous.

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